Flora is all that surround us, the environment we live in, where we create and make dreams come true. For us, Flora is our little space in the world, a design studio where we enjoy using different design elements to break patterns and transform spaces. As design enthusiastics we love every step of the creative process to generate unique concepts that communicate histories and transform intangible values in objects and compositions that hold meaning for those involved. Natural compositions and team work are our thing; we believe that working with designers of different change the way we work and enriches our design style. We are a Design Studio based in Bogota – Colombia, that design and coordinates lifechanging occasions.



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Fashion Designer from LaSalle College, she has a personal interest in coolhunting, floral design, nature and global design trends.

With 5 years of experience in the field of wedding and event planning, Jéssika has collaborated, produced, planned and designed more than 50 wedding and events.


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