And we arrived to Mexico…

Flora travel diary

Against all odds we arrived at 8:00 at night and daylight was part of the landscape; the games of shadows and lights that we saw as the plane turned around and made its final return to Mexico City, was a very nice welcome, in our ipod sounded Dreams of The Cranberries.

After a long stopover, we arrived at our destination, Monterrey; a city surrounded by the most beautiful mountains called La Huasteca and Chipinque; most of the time we were busy in the project for which we went at first, however, at the end of the week we left 2 exclusive days to make our favorite plans and know a little more about the city.

Everything began with a visit to the contemporary art museum, its geometric structure and strategically built was the first thing that caught our attention, we were lucky that at this time there were two extremely special exhibitions.

Our tour began with Martin Scorcese’s exhibition, we found everything from costumes for his films, to handmade scripts of how he began to make his timeline; it reminded us once again of the importance of creative processes and how an idea becomes reality with the right work and planning. Definitely a super recommended exhibition for those who have the opportunity to attend.

Then we went through a very special exhibition, our favorite in fact; a series of portraits that talked about how communities and people were very similar to each other after living together for a while, and how this principle applied to plants, houses, hairstyles, people, etc.

After this we ventured to our favorite plan, to walk and get to know the surroundings of an area that had been recommended to us, and thus we arrived at an alley full of antique dealers, clearly our day passed between these places full of super special details, from 1950 furniture to Chinese dishes without a scratch, we found a very marked American influence of 1960’s, rockollas, vending machines, game machines and many other things.

We remember Monterrey as a meeting place between the contemporary, history (in delicate flashbacks) and of course some delicious chilaquiles in Frida Chilaquiles.


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